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Step 1: Collect and put together the documents for a new U.S. Passport

If the applicant is under the age for 18, and you are looking for the new passport requirements then please click here as the below requirements are for the adult (Above the age of 18) applicants.

Step 1: Collect and put together the documents for a new U.S. Passport

  1. Fill the DS-11 Application Online 
    1. Key points to make note of while filling out the application [PLEASE READ]
    2. The information from your Birth certificate/previous passport needs to match, a single mistake on your application can cause a minimum of 2-3 business days delays.
    3. When you print the application make sure you don't print back to back side pages, It needs to be single side printed.
    4. Do not sign this application form until you are instructed to, during the application sealing process
    5. Please note that the online application would not ask you to make any payment online however you will see a screen where it will show you the total cost of the passport fees.
    6. Once done filling out the application, click on the link that says, ‘Create Form’, and a file will be downloaded to your computer email the application to
    7. Select the below-mentioned points before submitting the application
      1. Processing Methods: Expedited at Agency Services
      2. Delivery Methods: Standard Delivery (Free)
      3. Passport agent acceptance fees: $35
      4. If applying for a passport book only then the total would be $225 and if applying for both (book and card) then the total would be $255 - Adult
    8. Ensure the SSN is correct, we don't submit a copy of the SSN along with your application (except in complicated applications case) if the SSN on the application is incorrect and gets submitted in that case the dept of state may ask the applicant to provide the original SSN.
    9. The travel date in the application needs to be within 14 days of your application submission, if you are not traveling within 14 days then please leave the travel dates empty on the application.
  2. Gather Evidence of Citizenship: At least one of the following must be provided 
    1. Original Birth Certificate [Long form birth cetificate is preffered]
    2.  Original Certificate of Citizenship or FS-240, DS-1350 
    3. Original Certificate of Naturalization
  3. Evidence of Individuality 
    1. A Valid Driver's License (issued more than 6 months ago) - Mandatory Document
    2. Any photo ID (Work ID, Previous state issued ID, School yearbook) - Suporting Document
    3. Any document to prove your individuality (Insurance, Any violation tickets (Parking, Speeding) etc)  - Suporting Document
  4. Evidence of Urgent Trip
    1. A travel itinerary on traveler’s name (Must be within 14 days of travel)
    2. If you don't have a travel itinerary which shows that you are travelling within 14 calander days from the day you go to the post office then please do let us know 
  5. Passport Photographs
    1. Provide 2 Passport Size Photographs, front view and on a white background taken by a professional
    2. Please note: We do offer passport photos with a cost of $15, if you'd like to opt for it. 
    3. Please note: if the pictures you bring to the office are not good (Blurry, Improper dimensions) then we will have to take another photo at our office.
  6. US Government Fees
    1. Cheque or Money Order payable to U.S. Department of State
      1. If applying for passport book then $190
      2. If applying for both book and card then $220
  7. Authorization Letter
    1. Authorizes us to take steps as your agent
    2. Print and complete 2 copies of the Expedited Passport Authorization Letter
  8. Proof of Name change [Must be original] - Only if applicable [If your name has been changed and its not the same on your birth certificate or Nautralization certificate, then you will be required to provide one of the below mentioned document]
    1. Original Court Order
    2. Marriage Certificate
    3. Divorce Decree

Please note, if you have any other documents to prove your current then please do provide those documents to us. For example: 

  • If your name is updated on the Drivers Licenses or State ID then please provide us a front and back side copy of the document
  • If your SSN has been updated with the new name then please do provide us a copy of the SSN
  • If you have any other documents which have your new name for example: Insurance Card, Credit or Debit Card, Utility Bill then please do provide that as well. [This is not a must document but its better to provide as many proof as possible to make the process go smooth]

Once you are ready with the following documents please take it to an Acceptance Agent / Post Office (Enter your zip code and find out the closest location where your documents will get sealed)

If you are filling out the application by yourself then we highly encourage you to please have that application reviewed by us, you can forward us all the attachments and we will make sure everything looks good so that there would be no delays on your application.

Step 2: Authorization Processing

Step 2: Authorization Processing

  1. Bring all the required documents before appearing in front of an acceptance agent
  2. This is what you will need to take:
    1. Completed DS-11 Application Form
    2. Evidence of Citizenship
    3. Evidence of Individuality
    4. Evidence of Urgent Tour
    5. Authorization Letter
    6. Passport Photographs
    7. Check or Money Order to the ‘U.S. Department of State’
Step 3: Review with us

Mode of Payment Accepted:

We accept all forms of payment, however, we prefer either Venmo or Zelle (for quick transaction processing and 0% processing fees).

  1. Cheque/Money Order [Payable to A-Passport and Visa Services]
  2. Cash
  3. Zelle [ID: A.VISASERVICES1@GMAIL.COM] - Registered Name Amin Manji
  4. Venmo [@Amin-Ali-3] {Please note that the display pic of the account would be a USA Passport Photo}
  5. Credit Card/Debit Card [There would be 4% transactions processing fees]
  6. Direct Deposit [if interested ask for the details]

Important Points:

  1. Make sure your signature on the application is consistent, if the signs are not consistent then please let us know we can provide a letter stating the signature has changed over time
  2. In terms of guaranteeing you the outcome of the application, we don't 100% guarantee the outcome of the application as the passport gets issued by the Dept of State. The reasons the passport application can be delayed at the passport agency due to the below-listed reasons
    1. If there's an investigation on the applicant's name could be a city, state, or federal
    2. If the applicant owes anything in taxes, child support
    3. If the Dept of State does not get clearance of the applicant's identity
  3. We do guarantee that if the application is approved by the Dept of States then we will give the passport to you within the time service (time frame) you have selected. There is no refund issued to the applicant until and unless there's been a deal in the application submission (This has never happened but in case it does you will get the refund)
  4. Please email the application to us along with a copy of your passport so that we can ensure the application is filled out correctly.
Step 4: Get the documents to us

Step 4: Get the documents to us

Drop Off the documents to our office or send it via FedEx/UPS. [Please do let us know if you need help with the FedEx Airbill, we can make one for you so that we can be sure that the passport will be come to correct address and wont be sent to the wrong address]

Our shipping address

A-Passport & visa services: 845 3rd Ave, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Important Note:

  • Please make it signature required and do not use 8 AM delivery please use the 10:30 AM or later delivery option.
  • Before you ship out the passport to our office, please have the application validated by one of our representatives to ensure all the details are correctly filled.
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