Lebanon Visa Requirements

1. Visa Application Form: Ensure that the application form is fully completed and signed.

2. Original Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your intended departure from Lebanon, and it must have a minimum of 2 blank visa pages.

3. Passport-Style Photograph: Include two recent photographs taken within the last 6 months, featuring a white background. If desired, you have the option to upload a photo for us to print, but please note that this service incurs a charge.

4. Proof of Status: Provide a copy of your current immigration status in the United States, such as a resident card, work permit, or study permit. 

5. Proof of Residency: Submit a copy of your driver's license, state-issued ID, or a major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage) from the most recent month. This document should display your name and current address.

6. Itinerary: Include a copy of your round-trip tickets or a detailed itinerary covering the duration of your trip. Your name must be listed on the itinerary.

7. Bank Statement: Provide a copy of your most recent monthly bank statement, demonstrating sufficient funds. The statement should clearly indicate your name as the account holder, the balances of your accounts, and the date of the statement.

8. Proof of Accommodation: Submit a copy of your hotel reservations or any other proof of lodging for the entire duration of your trip. Your name must be listed on the reservation. If you plan to stay with friends or family, include a signed letter of invitation from your host in Lebanon. The letter should be addressed to the Embassy of Lebanon, Visa Section, and should specify the relationship to you, the dates of your visit, and the address and phone number where you will be staying. Please provide a copy of the inviting party's ID as well.

Additional Information:

  • For minors (under 18 years old), include a notarized Letter of Consent signed by both parents. If the parents are separated or divorced, a NOTARIZED copy of a court order granting permission for the minor to leave the US must be provided.
  • If you are a Lebanese-American applicant, include a copy of your Lebanese I.D. card or Individual Extract of Civil Registry (Ikhraj Kayd). For spouses of Lebanese nationals, provide a copy of the Lebanese marriage certificate and the husband's Lebanese I.D.
  • Travelers of Israeli origin: Regrettably, we are currently unable to assist travelers of Israeli origin in obtaining a visa to Lebanon. Such applicants should contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Lebanon for application procedures.
  • Ensure that your passport does not contain any evidence of prior or intended travel to Israel.

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