France Visa Requirements

No Visa Is Required For U.S Citizens 


  Additional information: Here are some important things to consider when planning your trip to France:

1. Passport validity: Check the current validity of your passport and ensure that it remains valid for the duration of your stay in France.

2. Visa pages: Make sure your passport has enough blank visa pages for entry and exit stamps when entering and leaving France.

3. Transit visa: Confirm whether a transit visa is required for any layovers or connections during your journey to France. It is possible that certain countries you pass through en route to France may have specific transit visa requirements. Please refer to the visa requirements of each specific country.

4. Airline information: Contact your airline to verify any specific requirements or regulations for your flights to France. If you have connecting flights overseas, it's important to check if those countries have additional visas or entry requirements.

In addition, please note that France currently has a 10-day mandatory quarantine in place for arrivals and requires evidence of a negative PCR test taken within three days of arriving. Make sure to comply with these requirements and stay updated on any changes or additional travel advisories related to COVID-19.

By considering these factors, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip to France. Have a wonderful journey!